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Making Money with Email Marketing and Autoresponder Series

John Mignano

John Mignano

Making money online isn’t always easy and nothing is for certain in business, however when you have a good email list, it can be like printing money!

Today I want to share with you how to create your own email list and to make money from it.

The best part about having a relationship with a list is you can always be making money, all you need to do is find a offer that you can sell to your mailing list and then send it to them.

For example: last month when I was hiking and aweber my autoresponder emailed my list a promotion and was able to pay for my whole entire trip two week trip, all it took me was 5 minutes.

If you were to lose your website today you would have nothing to show for it, your sales won’t continue and readers will quickly realise you no longer exist.

However if you have an email list you would carry on making money.

Personally 80% of my income comes from sales generated from my email marketing.

This includes simple eCourses which is by far the best automated approach to making money I have come across.

Below is my step by step guide to email marketing: 

The only choice you need to make is, how much money do you really want!

Creating a “hook” so people sign up for your list:

When I created this site back in 2006 I got my programmer to create some custom newsletters software which worked to send emails and that’s it.

There was many things wrong with this, the biggest problem was I didn’t get my sign ups to double optin which meant I wasn’t legally allowed to email them.

Let me just say you should make sure to get this right and use email software that is reliable. After researching I found a service called Aweber and so I invested $19/month.

Frankly working with Aweber is probably one of my best business investments ever.

When I first started I simply said, “Sign up For Whatever Newsletter”, and that got around 4 or 5 sign ups weekly doing this, not very good at all.

A couple months later I decided to offer a FREE eBook about making money online and optins went up straight awayto around 4 or 5 per day and it grew from there.

I realised that to get more people on my list I had to ethically bribe them to sign up, a few examples of good incentives would be FREE:

  • Special reports
  • eBooks
  • eCourses
  • Design Templates
  • Software

Basically anything you can give over the Internet that holds value.

A lot of people aren’t keen to give away something to good but you got to remember, the better it is, the more sign ups you will get and so the more money you will make.

A few things to remember when offering a hook:

  • Make it stand out with a good headline title…copy is one of the most important elements because if people can’t see the benefits of signing up, then they simply won’t!


  • Add a eBook design, this helped a lot to make it stand out and make it look like there was value to the FREE eBook. (I recommend using an eCover).


  • Social Proof, if you have several hundred or a lot more, then show it off with a Aweber List Counter, if your readers see you have a lot of sign ups, they will think they should to because everyone has.

Setting up your email list and adding an auto-responder series:

Once you have decided what type of list you want to build, you have to start.

Like I mentioned above, you should use the service called Aweber, by far the best and has some great features to work with.

Once you have ordered Aweber, login and start.

If you have done that, here’s what to do next:

In the top left corner, below the logo you will see a link to Create and Manage List, click this and then click Create a New List.

Simply fill out the form and click Save List Settings.

Now you need to create a opt-in form so people can sign up for your mailing list on your website, in the header, click Web Forms followed by Create Web Form.

Fill out the form and click Next to create your opt-in box:

 You will want to add a custom thank you page URL.
A easy way to set one up is to go into your WordPress Admin and click Pages, followed by Add New, now add a page to thank your new subscribers.

Now you will see a preview of what your opt-in box will look like, click on the text to change it and style it. Once you have done all the edits, click Save.

Now click the link saying Get HTML, you either have the choice to get Javascript Snippet code or Raw HTML Version.

I personally use the RAW HTML so my designer can custom it to fit in with my website, if you won’t be customizing it then just take the Javascript version.

Now go to your blog and login to your WordPress Admin, on the left side click Appearance and then Widgets.

Drag the widget called Text to the right side next to your other active widgets and where it says Title, put the text you want to be seen above your opt-in box, for example “eCourse Sign Up”.

Now in the other box paste in the code Aweber generated and click Save, it will now of been added to you blog.

You can see an example of this in action by looking at the top of my sidebar where I offer the opportunity to subscribe via email. 

Now add your Newsletter opt-in box to your website or blog.

Thank you and congratulations for taking action…

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