Effective Ways YOU Can Use Internet Marketing to Drive Your Business

For example: Please don’t overlook writing an online website strategy because this is a simple way to generating income….

Has it ever occurred to you that maybe the reason you’re not generating the kind of income you’d like to make is because you’re looking at it all wrong?

John Mignano

John Mignano

Hi, John Mignano here and I have an confession to make…

Let’s be honest…you want their attention. You need their response. You ardently desire their buy-in.

Think about it…

You and everybody else too, I hope you understand the gravity of this!

Most business owners are so focused and worried about competition that they would never in a million years reveal their markets, much less the actual details of their business.

Not only do you need to create tons of leads but also convert them into new customers, the lifeblood of any successful business, right?

Of course you need the right marketing strategies to skyrocket your sales and maybe you realize you’ve been leaving a lot of money on the table?

So here’s the deal, don’t be the person in your market that doesn’t have this razor sharp marketing edge…if it’s not you it will be someone else:

How do you separate yourself from the pack and stand out from the crowd?

How do you “explode your business” while others in majority of businesses are barely surviving?

What are the keys to getting your message through and winning business?

Internet Marketing involves a number of different strategies which use
the power of the Internet to market or sell your products or services.

An effective strategy takes into account your particular business situation.

Because most of information online is general in nature, it is recommended that talk with someone with an experience before attempting to apply it
to your business.

On average I start new business adventures in a new market at least once every quarter, while at the same time maintaining my interests in all my current businesses.

At the blink of an eye I can see where website visitors can come from including a number of sources:

• Search engines
• Radio
• Newspaper
• Print advertising
• Direct mail
• Television
• SMS marketing
• Email marketing

Getting traffic to your website is just one internet marketing strategy that allows you to control and guide your visitors to take specific action, such as:

• Join the mailing list
• Make a purchase
• Make an enquiry

What Internet marketing model are you using?

Are you using email marketing that will send subscribers to your special deals every Tuesday morning like clockwork or every now and then?

Like when you need to sell products or services during quiet periods.

Are you making sure that your emails are geographically targeted to locations of interest of your subscribers?

Why would you do that?

Here’s why…because it provides highly relevant emails with a better response rate.

This would complement your other distribution channels and marketing efforts which combine:

  • Radio
  • Print and or direct mail
  • Television
  • High search engine rankings
  • Affiliate marketing (leveraging other websites to drive large amounts of qualified traffic to your website)
  • Driving direct sales ( feeding leads back into your email marketing system
  • for eventual and repeat sales).

Real world industry examples:

After each action the customer is invited to join the mailing list, and is
given a special offer or incentive to do so.

Once the visitor is on the mailing list they are fed back into the marketing system, which includes:

• Auto responders (or time delayed emails)
• Regular Newsletter or useful information
• Special Offers or invitations

Check out other article on Email Marketing to find out how you can use this to full advantage in your business.

Also described in detail is another online marketing strategy that makes up a successful Internet marketing strategy.

Want to know the most effective ways you can use Internet Marketing to drive your business…contact us today!

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