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Why Work Harder When YOU Can Do It Smarter?

John Mignano

John Mignano

Do you want to benefit from tested linking strategies and get more targeted visitors?

Do you want to get high quality inbound links?

Why are hyperlinks or links crucial to your website?

Links allow users to move quickly and easily from one document to another or even from one website to another.

Understanding how linking works and how your website can create an effective linking strategy will help increase your companies website results.

This will increase the market reach of your company.

Are you open to effective planning and implementing your websites link strategy.

In this website you’ll learn how to use link building to get:

· Targeted traffic through high quality links
· Higher link popularity
· Higher search engine rankings
· More targeted traffic, more visitors, more sales

Why is implementing high quality link buiding an important part of your online marketing strategy?

So you’re probably thinking, “the more links I get the higher I will be placed in Google”

If only it was true and that simple.

Link building on it’s own is not the goose that lays the golden egg.

Your website must be able to generate quality inbound links.

Unfortunately there are no shortcuts or quick ways of Link building as it demands time, patience and a systemic plan of practice.

I have a great deal of experience in link building and will be able to explain to you what the deciding factors of “Quality links” are…

And how I will be able to apply them to your website.

What are the benefits of in-bound link building?

Here are some of the benefits that come from a good link building strategy:

  1. The more one way inbound links you have to your site, the greater the opportunity is for people to find your content.
  2. If you have good links from an authortive site (informative or respected website) you stand higher chances of receiving traffic from that link
  3. Search engines give websites with good inbound links a higher ranking in their search results.
  4. This is worked out on the basis that if your website receives high amounts of links your information is considered valuable and worthy of being linked too.
  5. By providing a reasonable amount of quality out bound links to external material you won’t have to re-create content for your own website.
  6. Inbound links help to build a sense of trust. If people see that a popular website is linked to you their level of trust in you is much more likely to be higher too.
  7. If you have content that’s unique and valuable (worth sharing) you should by all means share it.
  8. People like to share information, it’s in our nature, if you have content with high value you will receive incoming links.

“The secret of success is: Find out what people want and help them get it!” – Harry Browne –

Harry Browne was an ultra-successful master salesman who didn’t believe in using shady sales tactics or deception to make a sale.

He just simply helped people to get what they want. The money took care of itself. Think about that quote for a second…

When a company does business online, what do they want?

Customers and of course sales is part of the result too…they both go hand in hand, right?

It never ceases to amaze me how many businesses and companies (both big and small) are completely in the dark when it comes to getting customers

There are multi-million dollar companies online who have never heard of link building, article marketing or starting an affiliate program.

There are 3-team businesses quietly raking in a hefty six-figures per year in
revenue, but they have NO CLUE how to drive more business.

My point is this…what if YOU could get help to get more customers and boost sales? How? (More about that in just a second)…

You see, the fact that you are reading this already tells me that you are a serious student of Internet Marketing.

Let me ask you this… do any of your competitors know what “link building” is? Can they explain “listbuilding”?

Do they know what a product launch entails?

Do they understand concepts like scarcity and social proof.

Probably not. But, I’ll bet that you do!

Find out how you can join the select few smart business owners who have discovered the ultimate link building solution to extraordinary results.

See for yourself why obstacles are overcome, money is made quicker and easier using proven, time tested profitable strategies few know or ever use.

Ryan Jackson

Ryan Jackson

John continues to be an exceptional help to me in the area of marketing and business growth. His constant reliable support and responsiveness has made it easy to understand somewhat difficult marketing steps which has enabled me to quickly apply effective strategies to my business that result in successful outcomes. John is an amazing guy, always willing to help and has a wealth of business success with experience under his belt. I highly reccomend John for business coaching and implementation of all your marketing strategies. Ryan Jackson

As a local business owner myself, this could be the most life transforming knowledge you ever get.

May I ask what expectations are you wanting to achieve with your business and specifically your website:

  • Are you wanting your website to get greater local search results?
  • Are you wanting your website for generating sales?
  • Are you wanting your website to generate new leads?

AlsoI want to touch on a really important point most business owners don’t get because marketing is the most important aspect of your business, right?

You still believe this to be true?

For example: Why are some businesses more profitable are more successful than others?

And you know what it all really boils down to is successful businesses know how to make bigger slabs of money month after moneth, year after year.

Well, in order to give yourself an edge in the marketplace…a clear defining point of difference over your competitors there’s actually three elements to a successful business.

1. Understanding your target market

2. Thinking outside the box with new ideas…

Focusing your business on the 20% of actions that really matter. Systems, planning (time lines/managment) and scheduling.

The element most people miss is the action?

Action is the ability to make things happen. It’s not leaving to yesterday what needs to be done today. It’s setting deadlines and sticking to them.

Let’s face it, if you don’t have systems or proactive person in your business who’s constantly taking action, the steps to success simply don’t happen all that quickly.

In business “going with the flow” is a recipe for disaster because you’ve got no control where the flow is going to take you. Makes sense, right?

For example: You need a real world action plan that is tested and refined, tweaked and polished so it works predictably like clockwork, every time.

You need a new level of confidence to create the time no matter what to dedicate yourself and staff in making more money with less effort…

That’s one of the steps I’ve noticed the most successful business people do.

The fact they are great marketers and thinkers is a given, yet the one factor that seperates the most successful is their ability to take action.

Do you push for getting new customers, better results and to get work done?

Discover how everything I teach is geared towards you taking action with confidence so nothing has been left to chance.

There is absolutely no theory here, just pure and simple money making strategies to boost your bottom line, so you can make it happen or we can Do-It-For-You with low cost effective ways.

To Find Out How To BOOST Your Profits Call:

61 3 5966 2531 Internationally

(03) 5966 2531 in Australia

Want high quality inbound links from related web sites?

Want highly targeted free traffic that makes your website less dependent from search engines?

Want higher search engine rankings through increased link popularity?

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