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“Finally Revealed…Potent Online Marketing Strategies For Your Business Success”

Good news for the business owner fed up with losing customers, frustated with dwindling income and rising expenses.

Firstly, I know this one’s going to shock some people. Make no mistake about it…your business website is NOT an online brochure…

Hayden Keys

Hayden Keys

From day one working with John my business has been completely transformed. Before I was totally frustrated disorganized and forever going down the wrong track looking for the magic solution. After the first session with John I started to see where I’d been going wrong. Each session John would keep pulling me back into line and have me focus on what the crucial tasks were to grow my business sustainably. The systems he is helping me put in place (referral, customer loyalty, reactivation, seasonal promotions) have lifted my business faster than I could have imagined. Every month has been better than the last and in 3 months I have seen my turnover nearly quadruple. I have had weeks where I have taken nearly what I used to take in a month. Without John’s help this would never have been possible. At one stage last year I nearly gave it all away but with John’s support and guidance I have been able to turn it all around and look forward to great success in the future. Thank you John. Hayden Keys – Naturopath, Menai, NSW 2234

If you are a business owner what would it mean if you could cost-effectively get a lot more business, more buying customers and make more profit ?

Online Marketing Strategy
Online Marketing Strategy

John Mignano

John Mignano

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You may be wondering why I have attached the above video. Well that’s an easy one to answer…

Discover The Exact Online Marketing Strategies That Will Accelerate Your Business Growth On The Internet TODAY:

  • Cost effective email list building
  • More success for your business
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First, I wanted to get your attention and I though the video would help. And second, videos are a powerful communication tool so a video is appropriate.

Here are a few of the professional services we offer you and your business:

  • Advanced pay per click (PPC) strategies to drive targeted traffic for less
  • The most powerful video and multimedia marketing strategies
  • Cutting edge SEO and SEM systems to dominate the search engines
  • Up to the minute social media and Web 2.0 marketing
  • Critical tracking, testing and website analytics for optimum results

What Are People Buying Online?

Answer: Benefits, that’s what people buy! Whether you’re selling online or in person, it’s the universal truth. And success in all worlds requires a counter intuitive approach.

Allow me to explain…

As human beings, we are all pre-programmed from birth to behave in certain ways. One of the strongest urges driving our actions is a pre-occupation with own self-interests.

You really don’t have to look far to see this is true. The world is cluttered with businesses that run self-interest advertising and it’s all about them.

They mainly talk about themselves and features of their product and the advantages of doing business with their company.

You know its just human nature to express ourselves this way when we’ve poured our lifeblood into the development of a product or a business isn’t it?

Yet features and advantages are absolutely not what people buy. People buy benefits…why do people buy benefits?

Some quick definitions of Features (product or service):

Advantages – What are the attributes, qualities, aspect or element of your product or service…what will it do.

Benefits – How people feel when they have the advantages of your product or service.

Here are a few examples:

1) – SUV has a Vortec 5300 V8 engine (feature) and it can pull 7000 lbs (advantage). It gives you a power rush every time you drive it (benefit).

2) – It’s got an autotrac 4×4 system (feature) that automatically kicks in at cruising speed when you hit an icy patch on the highway (advantage).

You’ll drive with confidence and peace of mind regardless of the weather conditions (benefit).

3) – You’ll be safer and feel more secure too, (benefit), because you actually steer while you brake on slick surfaces (advantage), thanks to its advanced Antilock-braking system (feature).

Your sales message has power when it contains all three elements but it is natural and a common mistake to put too much emphasis on features and advantages.

Of course, benefits are personal and emotional. Benefits trigger hormones in our brains that make us feel good. Think about this for a moment…

Does a material possession give you any personal satisfaction? Isn’t it the feelings that you get (anticipate) as a result of having it that gives you joy?

It’s the hidden emotional elements that boils down to happiness, right?

We all want to feel resourceful, confident and in a comfortable state of mind to take action. So how can you put this knowledge into practice?

Highlight all of the features that your product or service offers and make a check list of advantages and benefits to each one.

Take the most powerful benefits and use them in your headline and opening of your message.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised with this approach because you end up with many more ‘you’ and ‘your’ at the beginning and throughout the message.

Benefits can also be indirectly used in the first and third person stories to great effect. The order in which you present your benefits is crucial.

Your prime benefit needs to be presented first and in a subtle way as to set your business apart from your competition.

You must have a unique and clearly expressed sales proposition (hook) that’s loaded with benefits that are most relevant to your target audience.

The most successful approach is to target people attuned to your product or service, segment one niche market at a time using this online marketing strategy.

Think of all the benefits as the motivator that grabs your prospect’s attention and moves them to action, while features and advantages justify feelings with logic because all three are important.

The truth is, effective ads and copy are the benefits that will set you apart and ahead of your competition.

You’ll kick yourself when you realise how much money you’re losing… how much money you are leaving on the table.

We Can Help Accelerate The Grow Of Your Business Online and Offline…

Frankly, you can rest easy and sleep sound no matter what the ecomony is doing. This is peace of mind, no amount of money should be able to buy.

Business-ad-ventures is a results driven Internet Marketing company that delivers the latest online marketing strategies and business systems.

You can get complete Done-For-You solutions and it really doesn’t matter where in the world you are located.

We can also assist and show you how to leverage your hidden business assets to maximize your customer acquisition, lead generation and profits!

Actually we are definiely NOT promising you that we’ll send you leads.

Ultimately, you can promote you business LIVE on your own website and we will show you how to do it very cost effectively (bargain of the century)!

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