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John Mignano

Hello Business Owner,

Let’s talk about your Cash Flow…

Email marketing: Are you struggling to build a profitable email list?

Well, keep reading because this story is going to hit pretty close to home…

After hearing about all the money I was making with my email lists…

A buddy of mine decided he’d try his hand at email marketing.

So in a very short time frame he built a considerably big list. Fred, would call and brag about this big list, which was starting to get kind of irritating…

In fact, he loved bragging about his accomplishments.

One night over a few beers he started up again (for the millionth time) just how big this list is and how fast he built it.

Finally I asked him: “Fred I’m happy for you, so how much money are you Making with your list?”

All of a sudden, the shock and horror was written all over his face…

He got real quiet and mumbled about it not mattering.

His tried to rationalize that he was “developing a relationship” with the list right now and wasn’t trying to make money.

I pressed him again with the question.

He stared down into his beer mug and finally confessed: “nothing.”

Yeah, he knows all about “relationship marketing”…was he all talk and no action?

Well, he hadn’t made a dime.

By the way, this problem isn’t unusual, yet is it frustrating for so many.

Do you find it difficult to get people to subscribe to your list?

Keep reading and you’ll discover in a moment how to avoid this pitfall.

All me to explain…

See, some people (like Fred) can collect email addresses, yet they can’t turn subscribers into cash.

Either way, if there’s no profit, making money with email marketing seems like a big myth, right?

And of course it seems totally pointless and a waste of time.

Until Now…

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