Trends For YOUR Link Building Profitable Strategy

Today I want to talk to you about trends for a link building profitable strategy that is a result of marketing in the trenches.

John Mignano

John Mignano


Articles are one way to improve your link building and page rank.  Why?

Two reason, one is the direct traffic that it brings
from people searching.

The other is the back link. That’s why submitting article to sites like is advantageous for back links and also it’s a highly ranked page.
  1. According to it is number 165
  2. According to it is 6/10
Both are very high numbers.  If you write 100 articles that is 100 back links from a very high ranking website.

After you send your article to Ezinearticles, you should rewrite it slightly and submit it to the following sites:

  • Blogger:  alexa 7, prchecker 8/10
  • Squidoo:  Alexa 350, prchecker 7/10
  • Hubpages: alexa 290, prchecker 6/10
  • Facebook: Alexa 2 , Prchecker 9/10
  • Twitter:  Alexa 13, prchecker 9/10
  • YouTube:  Alexa 4, Prchecker 9/10
You can’t submit articles to Facebook, Twitter and Youtube so why not put your links on pages by entering your URL into your profile?

In Fact, you should visit and to find out for yourself what are the highly ranked pages that you can either submit your articles to or create an account and enter your website on your profile.

Next I’m going to show you a way to ride on trends.  I’m going to share with you a method of getting onto youtube without doing a video and how to
find very high ranking websites very easily.

I hope you are as excited about reading it as I am to sharing with you.

Trends need to be leveraged so this is the link building strategy for the ever changing Internet.

The techniques are leagues ahead and not many are teaching this stuff online, sort of like keeping the radar on for emerging trends on the web.

If you manage to spot them, it can be very profitable.

The Internet is changing at a stunning pace.

Everyday you have new products being launched, new applications for mobile spreading, new technologies appearing and so on…

This scenario might sound scary for some people.

While for others, it is a blessing in decise because every new and upcoming trend represents an amazing business growth opportunity.

The strategy of spotting emerging trends early on and launching websites to leverage them is very effective. We’re not talking link building services.

Here’s why…if your website is among the first to talk about a certain topic, you get the jump start.

You could say this is advanced link building as Google will see it as an authority website.

And you will be able to attract a lot of search engine traffic via this seo link building strategy.

Secondly, it will be relatively easy to build links with this site because when bloggers and site owners start talking about the new trend.

There are good chances they will link to sites that already have info on the topic (i.e., you).

Now this isn’t theory it happens all the time.

You have probably heard of Google Wave, right?

It is an application launched by Google that is promising to change the way we interact and collaborate on the web.

Google launched a closed beta so you needed an invite to get inside and test it. The buzz around the launch was so big people are drawn to Wave invites.

Guess what? Now someone spotted that trend and created a website about “Google Wave Invites.”

He coded a basic application that would let people exchange invites, and he also included a forum where people could discuss related matters.

Within a couple of days the site got publicity and viral traffic from bloggers,
and two high profile sites and linked up.

The traffic skyrocketed and this new Google wave site went to the first position of Google for the term “Google Wave Invites.”

In the following week this site generated over 540,000 page views and the traffic is stable at around 15,000 daily page views (at the time of this post).

his is just one trend and an example as trends like Google Wave and one that appears daily on the web.

You just need to keep your radar on to spot them before other people.

It is not easy, however it is certainly possible so keep looking at the trends for a link building profitable strategy!