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What is Backlinks?

Backlinks is a general representation of the total number of web pages which link to a website or individual web page…

John Mignano

Most of the major search engines support the “link” operator.

What does a backlinks this tool do?

A backlinks tool will query the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) with your chosen Domain.

It will return the total link count for each url.

You will notice the totals vary greatly from search engine to search engine.


Because the figures shown represent the number of inbound links that are known to that search engine (will vary based on the size of their database).

Most of the search engines (Google especially) also apply various filters against the inbound links…

Therefore, some inbound-links may not be counted toward the total.

Why is Backlinks important?

Backlinks is important because it is a major factor used by search engines in determining a site’s position in search results.

Generally, a site with more inbound links will be positioned higher than a similar site with fewer links.

Other factors that are considered include anchor text.

One of the most effective method of getting backlinks is:

1) Find High PR websites (image hosting, forums, articles, free sign-ups websites), etc…

2) Sign-up or register

3) Do Profile edit and add your website link

Usually if you’re non-active, those websites are removed your profile after 12 months, so you can get a full year of free backlinks.

If you’ve posted your url in high PR websites, your page rank will also go up.
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Here are some High PR websites for you:


You get the picture, right?

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