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Backlinks with Velocity?

Do backlinks with velocity have a dramatic impact on the success or failure of your website traffic?

John Mignano

People always talk about quality backlinks, what is a quality link back?

Do you know what a quality link really is?

Do you focus only on getting reciprocal links such as do follow links across all PR levels from forums, article sites, press realease and youtube (youtube videos)?

Now, the problem is it’s not an anchor text, right?

Going backlink or link velocity, this refers to the rate of links your website or blog receives within a certain period of time…

Are you still with me here? Great…so far so good.

Link velocity is a constant stream of links which is important to every site, right? Is it important not just at the domain level, would you agree?

Or at the page level (especially now)?

Post-Mayday, more important than ever has been given to the page of sites rather than the site as a whole.

Is the slow and steady approach in link building to every part of your site or blog which is good practise or is being more aggressive deliver better results?

Here are some ideas for ways in using backlinks and natural link building to boost SEO value…

Starting out a site you could do the following:

1. Launch a Press Release once every two weeks (for the amount of visibility they give, the price is fairly low)…

2. Following the first PR proceed to post links in blogs, forums, and any other social web I can find at a rate that is humanly possible.

For me, this is about 30 a day.

3. A week later start creating social web properties for your specific categories/pages you are targeting

4. A week after that (2 weeks in now) join a link network and/or start writing articles to post to article directories with article syndication.

5. A week after that (3 weeks in now) start submitting the site to directories of value including dmoz) and blog directories…

6. A week after that (1 month in now) introduce a contest of somekind to gain buzz and backlinks (whole subject on its own I won’t go into here)…

7. Rinse and Repeat for 4 more weeks

8. Month 2 – Start identifying my competitions link sources via their related terms and attempt a link exchange to get sitewide links.

9. Rinse and Repeat daily for another month

10. Month 3 – Increase everything by double using some automation tools so your daily average increases.

Basically most paid submission services will also help, (usually the basic packages do the job).

Here’s a list of some good paid submission places in (no particular order):

* www.webwire.com
* www.i-newswire.com
* www.24-7pressrelease.com
* www.rushprnews.com
* www.wiredprnews.com

Some of them are better priced and seem to offer more than PRweb does.

After carefully looking at some of them I might give one of them a try this time round.

You want to consider the cost to benefit ratio, and when it comes to 5-9 page, smallĀ  niche, local or micro sites…

Perhaps press releases are not being able to deliver enough value or ROI on the cost for you.

However, it might help if you want to get more SEO benefit from them!

You can setup a Google Alert for a specific phrasing within your PR, most likely the title.

Then using that alert, dump every single URL it finds into your bookmarking accounts.

This should at least help keep those pages indexed and getting a little more boosting.

If you have time, go to some of the major publication sites syndicating your story in their site…

Join the site and start posting comments on the stories using your press release page on their site as your URL.

This to me would be a decent velocity of links to build for a new site.

For an existing site, if the velocity should go up or down at a significant level then you are looking at a drop in rankings.

Yes, you can blast your site with tons of links and you will disappear for a time, but then later come back a little stronger…

If you can resist the urge to do that, and simply increase that ratio week after week of incoming links…

You can see a steady climb in the SERPs without the disappearing act when Google sees a ton of links and you’re done like a roast?!

Got something to say about link velocity, please will you share your own experience, ideas or thoughts also.

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