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Slow Website Traffic Day?

How to make money with clickbank and google images

John Mignano

You get an image that’s already indexed in google (from the 3rd page & deeper) tweak it by adding alt & title tags…

Name the image as your keyword, link to the image and page that has the image using same keyword.

The best part in ranking by images is you don’t have to be the #1 to get traffic.

Actually you can be #10 and get more traffic than #1 as long as you use an image that specifically represents a keyword and has fairly high resolution.

Been using this method and I’m confident you can make money from clickbank with google images traffic.

Read on…

1- Research in clickbank marketplace about products that buyers will need to see a photo before purchasing

Typically health niche is good, specially skin related products.  Choose product to promote with high gravity (+30) then create hop link.

2- Get domain with keyword in it…doesn’t matter if it is short or long domain name

Your visitors are not the type who comes everyday like a forum so domain length doesn’t matter.

3- create landing page with wordpress (or static flat html) with only 3 steps

A- Big bold 3 lines of text to attract customer attention like “learn how to cure xxxx” or “see how you can recover from xxxx”

B- put an image under the bod text. pull that image from google images.

Must be high quality and clear images, no text or watermarking,  use alt tags and title tags for the image.

C- Write a short story from your customers prospective (as if you had this problem) mention one of your friends recommended the ebook on “site x” to solve that problem and that it worked.

4- Get backlinks – quantity is not the issue but quality.

Get high quality backlinks even from unrelated websites and link to the image with the keyword as an anchor and link to the website itself too.

You’ll be amazed that 20-40 backlinks are enough to get traffic then sales.

Competition in images is much less than text search.

5- now the user searches in google images.

Google puts your website in an iframe so it stands out in bold text, makes it easier to attract attention so visitors scroll down the page and click the link.

Since the photo searched for is related to the product, the visitor is more likely to buy.

Repeat with other products because the method is simple to setup and doesn’t need much knowledge.

If the search numbers for text search are high and the keyword can be something to be seen by the searchers then it’s likely to get high amount of image search as well.

Just needs common sense to know which keywords can be searched in image search.

Let’s quickly recap:

Add an image in your post.
Build backlinks.
People search in google images.
They see your site and read your post.
They go to affiliate page.
They buy.
You get paid…

Simple method for generating multiple streams of cash…just don’t rely on it being your main income based revenue.

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