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Backlinks Mayhem?

Backlinks  greatly helps you to know every bit about your inbound links.

John Mignano

What has worked for you in the past?

These days, maybe you’re saying: “what do I fre*kin have to do to get my website or blog on 1st page of Google?”

Do you have to build high quality backlinks to boost your page rank and search engine traffic?

Umm…the whole painful and crazy process involves what did you say?

Yep, checks backlinks, including creating backlinks, anchor text, page rank, total quality of backlinks by finding link backs…

Google loves you to be targeting related keywords (and wider category keywords) as part of your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Why?

Because it helps their serach results and customer experience with serving quality results when their users type in a keyword.

Google doesn’t just look for keywords, they also look at the proximity of other keywords on your pages…

Search engines look at inbound and outbound links to see if they’re relevant to the content, and that means you want to make sure your content is of relevant quality.

Content that isn’t word for word copy from another website, and that it’s not some flimsy affiliate review blog. You know what, Google do this very well.

The biggest problem you face is Google is now serving synonyms as part of the search results.

By the way, it’s not a small change either…

Google are happy to say that synonyms are affecting 70% of their search queries, go ahead and read the official Google blog post:)

What this means to you is if you’ve not targeting related long-tail and specific category keywords properly…

When the Googlebot comes to crawl your site, it just sees a bunch of words which aren’t related then it won’t serve your page for synonym results. Why?

Because it cannot recognize your pages are related to the keywords which are being searched. Pretty simple, really, isn’t it?

As a nice bonus, simplicity is at it’s finest.

Google have just made a permanent change to their algorithm (“May Day”) which steam rolls or weeds out affiliate pages…

Yep, the crappy ones (flimsy or poor content) in the search results.

This has already resulted in a bucket load of long-tail keyword pages dropping down the search results, banished to page 50 and beyond.

However, a different index strategy to get indexed and ranked quicker is to get ranked higher in the search results, duh!

Just get Googlebot to not only recognize exactly what your content is about…

More importantly start serving your content for synonym searches based on your sites keywords.

All this of course starts with targeting the right niche related long-tail keywords…

Also the broader category keywords, and posting your quality content using these keywords to rank.

Of course, this linking strategy goes hand-in-hand with creating unique quality content.

Why am I sharing this and how is this crucial to using a silo structure?

I know some of this may sound hard to believe, yet you will either learn the easy way or hard way…and that’s your choice.

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