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Want a Website That Breeds High Conversion Rate Predictably Like Clockwork?

What are the Insider Strategies Proven to Increase Traffic To Your Website?

John Mignano

John Mignano

How to convert search engine traffic into cash flow, so you make 5 to 10 times more website sales and profits.

Want to be part of only a handful of smart business owners (if you qualify) for the time-tested, insider website profit tactics that work for both small and large businesses?

Let’s face it, most web sites don’t successfully generate more than a small trickle of sales. Is yours one of them?

Let’s assume you have a website and it may be attracting visitors from search engine traffic, yet it’s only generating a couple of sales each week, if any.

Is the volume of traffic the problem?

It’s true that you need visitors in order to convert to buyers, yet getting thousands of visitors a day won’t guarantee a single sale, right?

So maybe your website designer has the answer to your BIG problem!

Your website designer does really cool website designs so they should know what to do, right?

Recently a client called about how some top search engine optimization (search engine marketing firm) enables their real estate firm’s website to get around seven thousand visitors a day.

Wow! Even I’m impressed by that number.

Now with that kind of traffic it should be generating between four and six hundred leads a day (average) and get tons more business than they can handle.

When I asked the client what their conversion rates are (how many leads generated from their website ) they said it was only one lead per month.

Hmm…that’s only one lead out of 210,000 visitors.

Ouch that’s gotta hurt!

Anyway, the point is with all the interested prospects that stop by their site yet never take action (contacted them), no wonder this firm is losing millions of dollars of business a year…

And their site was built by top notch website designers to boot!

Want results from your site?

How to get visitors to your site and convert them to buyers?

Building the right kind of website is basic.

Given enough time and resources you could throw up some kind of structure that you might call a house even without any blueprints.

Of course, the electrics and plumbing connections might not work.

Perhaps the kitchen ends up where the the dining room is located?

It’s a bit of hit and miss, you wouldn’t hire a builder to put up your new home without a plan, right?

You’re way smarter than that, so the first step you’d do is find a competent architect to draft a plan for your house.

Once you’d worked out a plan that fits your ideal lifestyle you’d find a builder to turn your plan into reality.

Did you ask your website designer to build your website without first giving them your marketing plan?

By the way, did the marketing copy you gave them create a winning website?

Well, never mind…you and 97% of other business owners basically all make the same deadly mistakes and get the same below “average” results.

Website designers build sites, they don’t create your online marketing strategy.

Business websites that perform at higher conversion rates are designed with the master plan to start with.

Without a master online marketing strategy to get prospect’s to contact you and to convert them to buyers, no matter how much you spend on your website…plain and simple, it just won’t sell your products and services.

Listen, it’s not your website designer’s job to map your online marketing stratgies or sales (conversion) plan.

Most only know how to build websites.

If you told your home builder contractor you wanted an all white marble granite kitchen with gold trimmings, they’d build it whether it was a good idea or not.

Website designers are like carpenters, they get paid to create what the business owners want.

And if you don’t know how your website should be structured to breed high conversion rates (generate sales0, don’t be dissappointed with your website designer when your website fails miserably.

After all, they will not tell you what to do.

If you want a website that generates leads with a system that converts them to buyers, you’ll need to give your website designer marketing education.

You must be the one that crafts the compelling marketing, website copy with the marketing strategy and strategic sales plan for your website to follow.

Okay, image you have your online marketing strategies and website sales strategy in hand…

Your website designer can start to do their job and help you build a website that sells.

Hopefully they do it wthout it costing you and arm or leg so you’ll not waste more of your time and money.

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