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Index or Backlinks?

How soon will your back links start to get indexed?

John Mignano

Want to dominate your competition?

Why do think this this is an important question?

Now,¬† for traffic, what do you do…in order to get hordes of hungry visitors to your landing page or direct link?

What is your visitors aren’t converting high enough?

If you’re not getting a 25-30% conversion rate on average you are doing something very wrong.

As you probably already know, a lot of cpa (cost per action) marketing is based on trends and catching big waves and cashing in on hot trends…

It’s all about getting indexed fast and staying on top of the first page, right?

So…what percentage of your backlinks are getting indexed?

Are you sick and tired of hearing the constant hype about getting indexed quickly?

Honestly, what’s the big deal if you don’t get indexed?

Are you having problems getting the search engines like, Google, Yahoo and Bing to visit and index your backlinks?

Why get your backlinks indexing up to speed?

Because the faster the search engines see your backlinks, the faster your website or blog reaps the traffic rewards.

Today, I’d like to share a sneaky backlink index method I’ve been using for a while now.

More importantly…this strategy has never failed.

A quick note:

Backlinks may not show up in backlink checker services, tools, or even Yahoo Site Explorer right away.

However, this will definitely cut down on the weeks and months it takes to see backlinks.

The simple step-by-step breakdown:

1. Create/grab the URLs for your backlinks.
2. Create an RSS feed from all these URLs.
3. Submit the RSS feed to many RSS aggregators.
4. Bookmark your RSS feed on several social bookmarking sites.
5. Ping your feed.

Step-by-step details:

1. Create/grab the URLs for your backlinks  and this is simple enough.

Whether you are building backlinks or creating backlinks to other blogs or whatever…save the URLs in a text document.

2. Create an RSS feed from all these URLs.

Software you might want to use to build seo links, a good free one is Icerocket and their free RSS feed creator tool for this…

But you can use whatever RSS service you like.

The reason I suggest using IceRocket is because when you add each URL from text file, you can add a title which allows you to use more keywords.

Make sure to add all the URLs you created and saved in your text file.

Also add a keyword rich description for your new feed.

Create your feed.

3. Submit your new Feed to RSS Aggregators and of course there are many.

You may want to use software or a service called RSS Submit for this that is good as well.

4. Bookmark the feed using social bookmarking tool called OnlyWire which works great as well.

5. Ping your feed (self-explanatory)…

Use Ping-O-Matic, Pingler, Pingoat are all great for this purpose…

If you have software or similar that has a big ping list, even better.

Tips:  Add URLs from your money-site and other pages within your money site (if available) when you are creating your feed. Why?

Because this will get strong backlinks to your money page and some deep links if you have a multiple page site like a blog.

– This method works great for profile links, but it can also be used for any other type of link as well.

You can then use RSSMix to convert the profile of URLs!

RSSMix is great for mixing multiple RSS feeds into one giant feed, but you want to make sure the URL is in RSS format.

You can do that at site like html2rss or feedity.

By the way, HTML2RSS or feedity converts HTML pages to RSS feeds.

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