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Keyword to Index?

Is the index and rank important to your website or blog?

John Mignano

Trust me, I know that isn’t as easy as it sounds…

It’s hard keeping up with what you have to do from day to day, am I right?

Let alone keeping up with industry changes, especially when the smallest detail (index or keyword) can make a huge difference to your bottom line….

Getting indexed in the search engines all revolves around targeting the right keywords, right?

How often have you targeted the right keywords only to still find your content gets listed for some obscure terms…

Hmm…you’re missing out on the potential legions of traffic which is in your market, am I right?

All this comes down to the way people believe search engines index and ran.

You see, people think that search giants like Google are a search engine, when they’re not. Everybody has it wrong…

Google don’t see themselves as a search engine, they see themselves as a relevance engine, there’s a big difference and I’m gonna show you why.

Go ahead and type in a search for ‘dog training’ and see for yourself.

Google doesn’t just spit back results for pages which contain the keywords ‘dog’ and ‘training’, their search algorithm is more advanced than that…

Why? Because it looks for the sentiment and meaning behind your search and tries to deliver more relevant results.

For a simple search on ‘dog training’ you’ll get results for ‘puppy training’ and a whole range of information on certain breeds of dogs.

This is because these results are all related and relevant to what the searcher is looking for?

Google will look for related terms based on the original query, showing results it thinks the user is looking for.

This is known behind the scenes as ‘semantics’ and ‘synonyms’.

Google invests millions of dollars each year on it’s search engineering, ever striving towards getting more and more relevant results to the end user.

Now, with the latest changes and updates currently in progress…

Google are now implementing the new infrastructure to further advance their technologies in semantic and real time search.

Google recently published an article on their blog which said that “synonyms affect 70% of user searches”

What this means is that 70% of the time the end user is getting search results for keywords they’re not even looking for…

If you’re not targeting those keywords then your content is not going to show up or appear in that elusive top ten list.

The big problem you have as a website or blog owner is tapping into that massive 70% of keywords without creating thousands of pages of content.

The Caffeine update with new changes are making it even more crucial that you get your site structure right to meet the new requirements.

In fact, it means you’re gonna have a mammoth task to fulfill…

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