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Back Link or Link Back?

What are the two main factors in ranking high in the search engines…

John Mignano

Content and backlinks.

You’ll want to start driving backlinks to your blog or website to gain search engine ranking and strength.

The main steps to consider when collecting quality backlinks are:

  • Content relevancy

The more relevant the content on a linking page to your website the better.

That’s why it is important to find blog and web pages with your desired keywords with good prominence.

  • Anchor Text

This is the text of the link itself, you need to be able to set it yourself and have this as one of your desired keywords

  • Dofollow

Dofollow gives a lot more importance to your links and therefore will result in a dramatically higher search engine ranking and good backlinks.

  • Nofollow

Remember a no-follow link is also necessary to look more natural as part of your link building process…increasing SERPs, just not Page Rank.

No follow is only a suggestion to search engines and does not mean a search engine will not follow that link.

Commenting on blogs can offer the advantages and/or diversification to your link building efforts even if the post or page is a no follow link.

Here’s another method I use that works well:

1. Create a Blogger Blog.

2. Make a lot of posts and ping them to get some momentum going and the Google spiders coming to your site.

Initially, I usually make a post every 1-2 hours for the first few days to get it going.

Use PLR content and/or auto-blogging software is great for this.

Again, you just want to get Google’s spiders coming to your site often, and to index your blog.

This simple technique is used NOT to get RANKED, but indexed.

3. After your site is indexed, then add a link list, put the links to your backlinks in there.

Then create another post, and ping it.

Repeat this as needed as you increase your backlinks.

Using this method will Google’s spiders to come back to your site every day since they know you are adding lots of fresh content.

Another hot tip is to create an RSS feed of all your backlinks using html2rss and add that into the blog as well.

One final step is to write posts using topics found in Google Trends.

You can do this with either auto-blogging software, or just checking what’s currently hot on Google-trends…

The method is to start snatching up some content from a few of the sites that Google shows for the trends, and use that as your blog post.

This works well because when something is in Google-trends, Google is actively searching for as much content it can get on that subject.

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